RubyMine on host, RoR in VM: tunneling/ssh for IDE-initiated rake commands?

My setup:

  • RubyMine 3.2.4 is running on OSX host.
  • Ubuntu VM running with VMware (all the source code, apache, RoR, gems, etc are in the VM)
  • RoR not installed on host
  • SMB for file access to the mounted drive

My question:
When I load my project (through the mounted VM), RubyMine obviously complains about it not being able to run the rake tasks since rake is not installed on the host. Is there a way I can set RubyMine to know that it needs to tunnel into my VM to run the rake commands (or is there some other method)?

If not, possible workarounds:

  • Install RoR & all the same gems on the host and let it execute on the host to generate the files in the mounted drive. (Runs risk of gems being out of sync and probably many other issues)
  • Install a GUI in Ubuntu VM and run RubyMine from inside the VM so it can access rake locally.

I've tried docs, preferences, googling around and searching the forums but didn't come up with anything. Apologies if this has already been asked/answered. Thanks!

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PyCharm actually has this for Python (they call it "remote interpreter") so I created youtrack feature requests for it for both ruby and node:



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