RubyMine support for cucumber feature definition in spanish not working


I'm trying out writing features with cucumber in Spanish, but there is a quirk I don't know if it's RubyMine or the Windows character set.

The cucumber word for Feature in spanish is Característica according to cucumber --i18n es. When you start typing, RubyMine suggests Caracterí-stica instead.

If you keep Caracterí-stica in the .feature you can navigate to the steps definitions using the ctrl + clic on the step text. But it you run cumber you'll get the following error message:

Lexing error on line 4: 'Caracterí-stica: __feature name here___'. See for more information. (Gherkin::Lexer::LexingError)

Then if I replace Característica with Característica cucumber runs fine and all the test passes BUT I can no longer navigate to the steps definitions with ctrl + clic

So far the problem only happens with Característica that has a tilde over the i and  RubyMine gives Caracterí-stica instead.

Should I report this as a bug? or is there a workaround?

I'm using RubyMine ver: 4.0.3 and windows 7 professional edition.


EDIT: I forgot to mention my windows is in spanish.

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I thinks this is a bug, please file it in our bugtracker.
I think it would be very useful to attche minimal example, otherwise we will spend some time learning Spanish keyborad layout ;)


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