Debugging via Rails Console in IDEA w/ Ruby Plugin

Anyone know if it's possible to debug a Rails application while using the IDE's Rails Console tool (Tools -> Run Rails Console ...)?

I've set up some breakpoints, which I can hit when running my rails app via the "Run -> Debug" menu selection and interacting with the app via a browser. But I'd like to be able to stop on those same breakpoints when executing the same code via the rails console. Unfortunately, it seems like "Tools ->Run Rails Console" only provides the option of running the console normally - though I hope I'm wrong about that.

I've also tried setting up ./script/console as a Ruby script via "Run -> Edit Configurations" but that just runs right over the breakpoints. (And it doesn't nicely separate input and output/error like "Tools -> Run Rails Console..." does.

BTW: I'm running IDEA 11.1 with the Ruby Plugin (not the standalone RubyMine product) and my app is on Rails 2.3.8.

Any thoughts?

-- George

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Hello George,

currently this feature is not supported. However, we have an issue request in our bugtracker, feel free to vote for it and track it's progress.

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Thanks! Good to know I'm not crazy (well, somewhat). +1'ed it!


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