Emacs keyboard mapping (ido)

Hi All,

I'm trying to map some of the Emacs keyboard actions I use often (you never know how much you use certain stuff until it is not there anymore ;) ) - specifically I'm looking for ido-switch-buffer - ^X B. Obviously the buffer tab can be switched with the mouse (and same can be done in Emacs) but the goal is not to leave the keyboard. Any ideas?

Second question is whether there is an equivalent of describe-key (^H K) that displays the description of the action invoked by key.


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I'm not 100% sure what ido-switch-buffer does but try Navigate | File...

To find an action assigned to a keybord shortcut, open Settings | Keymap, press the "Shortcut Filter" button and press the key you're interested in.

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Thanks! - yes I also figured out the ^ B mapping to the "Navigate / File" works great! - good idea!

While remapping I'v'e noticed few related things :

* The ^X B collided with one of the "Window / Editor Tabs / Split ..." commands and I've noticed that the whole section "Window / Editor Tabs / Split ..." is not mapped to Emacs keystrokes when the Emacs keyboard is selected. ( I've remapped the split-* actions)

* The 2 keystroke actions ^X 1, ^X 2, ^X O - show only as '^X' in the menu (the 2nd keystroke is not displayed).




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