Remote debugging a Rails console session

I'm having trouble setting up remote debugging in order to debug a Rails console session.
The steps I've followed so far:
1. start a rdebug-ide session using:
rdebug-ide --port 1234 -- script\rails console

2. Setup a Remote debug configuration in Rubymine that points to that port and my project's working directory (the same directory for both
local and remote fields).

When I hit the "debug" button a rails console session does start in the rdebug-ide session, but Rubymine itself is stuck on a "connect to debugger using 10 sec timeout" message which never goes away (I have to kill rubymine.exe and start over).

This is on Windows 7 64bit, ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2.2.


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I just installed Ruby Mine and I am having the same issue.  I warred up a Jruby project and deployed it to Tomcat 7 on my local host.  I start up Tomcat using jpda start which starts up an instance listening on port 8000.  I run my remote debug in RubyMine and it actually kills my Tomcat instance.

Also I have to kill RubyMine with my task manager as the "Connecting to Debugger" popup stays up and I can't click on anything else.

Any help here would be deeply appreciated as we are Researching whether or not to work in the JRuby platform and with your product or not.  Thank you.

Robert Beltran


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