Customize Team Runner settings with Cucumber

I have built a testing framework for my company that uses Cucumber to do UI testing on remote servers. The company has multiple projects that are isolated from eachother and are ran on seperate servers. In order to make the test run properly I have to pass values throught the command line for each project including a few enviormental variables, requried libraries, and location of that projects test. As of right now I have to run my test through the terminal because when I use RubyMine it wipes out my settings for that project's test and prevents the project from running properly.

Here is the code i am using to make the rake task: name.to_s do |t|
        t.cucumber_opts = ["APP_HOST='#{@base_host}'",
                           "--tags", "~@not-ready",
                           "--require", "features/support",
                           "--require", "features/step_definitions",
                           "--require", @base_loc,
                           "--format", "Teamcity::Cucumber::Formatter",

This is what command should be ran:

     bundle exec cucumber APP_HOST='http://marketron.**' --tags ~@not-ready --require features/support --require features/step_definitions --require features/msp --format Teamcity::Cucumber::Formatter --expand features/msp

Here is what RubyMine is running:

     bundle exec cucumber --expand --format Teamcity::Cucumber::Formatter

Is there a way to prevent RubyMine from wiping out the settings? I would like to use Team Runner but not a must.

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