Multiple Keybind Support for Pair Programming

We do nothing but pair programming at my current job.  It's a bit frustrating when a new user comes on board that they have to learn our "standardized" keyboard keybindings.

With our pairing setup, each developer has their own keyboard connected to a single machine.  

Would it be possible to detect the presence of multiple keyboards, and allow for the assigning of different keybindings for each keyboard?

That way, if the programmer on keyboard #1 wants to open a file with Cmd-T (Textmate bindings) and I want to open a file using Cmd-Shift-N (OSX Bindings) on keyboard #2, we both would be able to.

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This is not possible. Java does not have any concept of multiple keyboards, or being able to distinguish keybindings coming from different keyboards.

Note that the Quick Switch Scheme keyboard shortcut (View | Quick Switch Scheme) provides an easy possibility to switch between keymaps.


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