coffeescript local variables and code completion

I have just switched from writing my coffeescript in textmate to Rubymine. Lots of cool features here, you guys are doing a great job with it.

However I have ran into something and would like some input from the community and/or rubymine devs.

When editing a coffeescript file Rubymine provides all sorts of helpful code completion tips, however one hint it never gives me are local variables I have already defined.

For example:
If i define a context variable like this:
context = canvas.getContext("2d")

Rubymine provides the completion tip for getContext however when i want to use my context object again elsewhere like:

Rubymine never gives me a hint for "context" but it will give me a hint for the drawImage method...

Having rubymine provide completion hints for local variables would be really helpful!

Is there something i'm missing here or does this feature not exist yet?

Rubymine 4.0.2, os x lion.

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it's a bug, I've created the issue: please vote for it.

I hope we will fix it soon.

Thank you


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