Unable to Drill Down into Collection of Class Instance Variables in Debugger

I'm using 4.0.2 in CentOS and when I'm debugging, in the Variable pane, I can drilll down into a Hash collection and see the keys.  But I cannot drill down into the values.  All I can see is something like this:

mycollection = {MyCollection} MyCollection {6 element(s)}
    'AA' = {MyType} Empty MyType
    'BB' = {MyType} Empty MyType
    'CC' = {MyType} Empty MyType
    'DD' = {MyType} Empty MyType
    'EE' = {MyType} Empty MyType
    'FF' = {MyType} Empty MyType

Is there any way I can set things up so I can drill down into MyType and see what's in there while I'm debugging?  I know it is not truly "empty" as the object contents can be printed out.  It would be way more efficient if I could just inspect them though.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Grant,

as you may see on GitHub ruby IDE debugger checks if object has class/instance variables in order to display it's children. If you feel that it's not correct, feel free to submit an issue

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Thank you for the link to that code.  It pointed to the real problem, which was in my code.  I was subclassing a class that turned out to be subclassing Hash, which was just an artifact of some serialization handling I was phasing out.  I reworked that logic and I can now inspect these objects properly in the debugger.




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