Setting "Start ruby interpolation in string on #" not saved

Dear all,

I have installed RubyMine 4.0.1 on Windows XP and would discuss the following issue before sending a Bug report:

     File -> Setting -> Editor -> Start ruby interpolation in string on #

When check the checkbox in the file



the code

  <component name="RubyEditorOptions">
    <option name="startInterpolationOnHash" value="true" />

has been insert. It works as expected. Fine.

But after closing and opening RubyMine again, the checkbox is unchecked and the above mentioned xml code is missed.

That means, when starting RubyMine a new editor.xml has been generating without the above mentioned code.

Can somebody confirm this behavior?

Best regards,


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Hello Pedro,

this is a bug, it will be fixed in next bugfix update


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