No Rails found in SDK

I have rails bundled using bundler, so its not installed in my (rvm based) gem environment.
Still RubyMine complains about Rails not being installed.

Im using RubyMine 4.0.1

What I tried so far:
* Check "Run script in the context of bundler" in Run / Debug Configurations -> Bundler
* Run Tools -> Bundler -> Install

Any Ideas?

See my gem env attached and also my SDK Settings.

Bildschirmfoto 2012-02-17 um 09.54.26.png
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Hello Marcel,

this is actually a bug, fix would be available in the next bugfix update

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I have this as well, it's a pain to workaround.  I can't run anything through the IDE with this.  I can install the rails gem into system gems to get this to work (not using bundler), but as I have multiple projects using different rails versions, I now have to manage ruby versions and gemsets using RVM outside of my projects, which is difficult to do.  I'm basically unable to use rubymine as a debugger, test runner, or server runner.

What is the link to the bug?  And any ETA?


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