Specifying a rails root

Hi all,

I've a bit of a tricky application, it has the following (simplified) structure:

- lib (with some ruby code)
- rails (containing a full rails root)

When I open 'root' in RubyMine, it doesnt recognize that there's a rails application here. Also, I can't seem to run a rails server (or even better: 'bundle exec unicorn' :))   from the rails directory.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

(BTW: so far I love RM4, it seems to have a whole lot less performance issues, I almost gave up on RM)

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Currently this setup is not supported 'as is'. You can create new project in your rails directory and add lib folder as additional content root in Settings | Project Structure.

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I hoped this was supported somehow.
Thanks for you suggestion, its not my favorite solution (since I've more than just the 'lib' folder I mentioned), but for now it might help me not forcing me to open rubymine twice.


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