new to rubymine, trying to run simple rspec test

I have a project created that just has .rb files, trying to learn ruby.

I created an rspec test in one file:

#ClassVsObject test Utility Test
require_relative 'Utility'
require 'spec'

describe UtilityClass, "#GetLongestWord" do
  it "should get the longest word in the supplied string" do
    str = "Hello what is the longest word in this sentence"
    word =
    word.should eq("longest")

Not sure what I need to put in the require, have tried 'rspec', "rspec", "spec"

when I try to run this the error I get is "no such file to load -- spec"

if I use require 'rspec' it doesn't complain at all and just tells me the process finished but no results on the success of the test.

I have rspec gem installed when I go to project settings, installed gems.

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