RubyMine 113.2 lost track of file after move

RubyMine 113.2 on Windows Server 2003

I had a file named it.rb in my parent project folder.  I didn't like it there, so I moved it to the setups folder (a child of the parent.)  When I tried executing it.rb, all kinds of stuff had broken.  I said, "I don't have time for this," and moved it.rb back to the parent library.  The stuff is still broken.  ???  Being curious, I put "puts Dir.getwd" in the code and see that the working directory is the child setup folder.  Realizing that RubyMine needed a refresh, I got out of RubyMine and restarted it.  No change.  It still things it.rb is in the setups child folder.  I found the following remnant of it.rb in workspace.xml and wonder if it is responsible for the odd behavior.

  <component name="IdeDocumentHistory">
    <option name="changedFiles">
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/dup_ctrl_card.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/spec/01_control_card_spec.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/spec/001_dupctl_spec.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/spec/002_filedf_spec.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/spec/003_zipin_spec.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/main.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/gen_select.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/Rakefile" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/parameters/detail.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/parm_card.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/parameters/dupctl.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/parameters/filedf.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/parameters/zipin.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/parameters/job.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/setups/it.rb" />
        <option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/it.rb" />

So, I deleted the value highlighted above.  No change.  

I then created a new file, it2.rb, and copied the it.rb code to it2.rb.  It runs fine.

So, somewhere RubyMine is getting confused where a file is when you move it around.  I don't know if the problem is isolated to moving from parent to child back to parent, or if it any kind of move.  But it got confused.

Have a good one!

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