Scroll from source keyboard shortcut ?

Hi guys,

Does anybody knows if it's possible to set a keyboard shortcut for the "Scroll from source" action ? I use it a lot and it's pretty annoying to leave the keyboard to grab the mouse just for that ;-)

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This is an very old post but is quite good found in internet search, so I want to answer this if someone (like me) comes to this page.

The Shortcut is there now and is called Select in Projec View

The default short cut is CTRL+Alt+1


It is auto-scroll to source on mouse click.

it's pretty annoying to leave the keyboard to grab the mouse just for that ;-)

Instead use

  • "[Context menu] | Jump to Source (F4)"  from project/test/find useages tree -----> source code

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  • "[Main Menu] | View | Select in... (Alt+F1)" shortcuts to select current file/class method in project view/finder/etc.

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Thank you very much Roman ! Very helpful.



Visual Studio has an option to track the active file in the project explorer (Track Active Item in Solution Explorer in VS). I was wondering if it's possible to make the same thing
in RubyMine, or there is a way to to do it that I'm not aware of.

Alt+F1 is a step towards that direction, yet an option that will do it for you automatically could be awesome :-).


Is there anyway to set this up as a single keyboard shortcut?

I tried using a macro allowing to do this as a single keystroke but the "select target" drop down that pops up as a result of "Select in..." doesn't seem to register in macros.


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