Scroll from source keyboard shortcut ?

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Does anybody knows if it's possible to set a keyboard shortcut for the "Scroll from source" action ? I use it a lot and it's pretty annoying to leave the keyboard to grab the mouse just for that ;-)

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This is an very old post but is quite good found in internet search, so I want to answer this if someone (like me) comes to this page.

The Shortcut is there now and is called Select in Projec View

The default short cut is CTRL+Alt+1


It is auto-scroll to source on mouse click.

it's pretty annoying to leave the keyboard to grab the mouse just for that ;-)

Instead use

  • "[Context menu] | Jump to Source (F4)"  from project/test/find useages tree -----> source code

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  • "[Main Menu] | View | Select in... (Alt+F1)" shortcuts to select current file/class method in project view/finder/etc.

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Thank you very much Roman ! Very helpful.



Visual Studio has an option to track the active file in the project explorer (Track Active Item in Solution Explorer in VS). I was wondering if it's possible to make the same thing
in RubyMine, or there is a way to to do it that I'm not aware of.

Alt+F1 is a step towards that direction, yet an option that will do it for you automatically could be awesome :-).


Is there anyway to set this up as a single keyboard shortcut?

I tried using a macro allowing to do this as a single keystroke but the "select target" drop down that pops up as a result of "Select in..." doesn't seem to register in macros.


Hurray! Liebscher the name of the action was very helpful!

As a Mac user I couldn't find it, and the default shortcut didn't work for me (nor any of the usual variations), but going to Preferences → Keymap, and then searching for "select in project view" has it show up in the 'Other' category. And there you can assign it the shortcut of your choice.

ps. and yes, people still find this post :-p


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