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When I first open a project that doesn't have cached authentication, RubyMine prompts me to 'click to fix' for only a few seconds - if I don't get there, I can't find how to get back to the login page again until I restart RubyMine and get that prompt again.

I'm on Windows, running Pageant and TortoisePLink for SSH - how do I configure RubyMine for this setup? I can TortoiseSVN from Explorer successfully without the need for login, but not from within RM. And I don't even get prompted to login in RM, so I have to do all SVN from explorer.

RM 2.0.2.

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I'm experiencing similar issues as well.  I can use TortoiseSVN to commit/browse/update, but I cannot seem to get the SVN browser to work within the RubyMine IDE.  Anyone know where I can specify the plink.exe executable within RubyMine?


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