do we need new license to go from rubymine 3 to 4?

One of our developers just applied the 113.8 (?) patch to the EAP for version 4 and got the dialog that says his license key is not valid for this release. We didn't notice that is now an RC release. Unless we roll back to V3 we are stuck. Like, really stuck.

We have a block of 10 licenses - how fast can we upgrade?


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A RubyMine license includes upgrades to all major versions released within a year of the purchase date. If you've purchased your licenses more than a year ago, you'll need to renew them in order to be able to use RubyMine 4.

You can renew your subscription at any time; it doesn't depend on the release date of any specific version of RubyMine.

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Thanks Dmitry,

You guys are fast! Michael Quintieri already replied to me in email. We have a block of 10 licenses that we purchased 2 years ago - and we renewed annually.The dialog we are getting is:

We rolled back to V3 in the meantime - really makes us appreciate how good 4.0 is!

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Ack! My bad! Jetbrains sent us the new keys for the 4.0 release when we renewed our original licenses. We had them all along! I just didn't realize they were new keys. They were incredibly proactive for the 4.0 upgrade and I didn't notice it.

Many thanks Jetbrains!      Jim.


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