Form does not display in View

Hello.  I am new to Ruby on Rails and am on a 30-day trial of Rubymine.

I am using Ruby SDK 1.9.3 and have the devkit installed.

I am trying to get an example form working but the form does not display in my browser (safari, chrome, firefox) and have not tried it in IE.

I have attached what I think are the relavent files.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


sign_in.html.erb is located in my /app/views/entries directory
entries_controller.erb is in my /app/controllers
development.rb is in /config/environments

The remaining files attached are located in /config.

I can reply again with any other files necessary to assist.

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here is my HTML Output (view source from Chrome)


which was supposed to be generated from the sign_in.html.erb file (which I have since modified to this:

This was done in RubyMine 3.2.4.  Please help.

Message was edited by: Dennis Fashimpaur because table from inserted HTML looked awful.

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Hello, Dennis

Instead of <% form... you should write <%=form...


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