RubyMine 4 gui corrupt

Dear RubyMine team!

Thanks a lot - v. 4 is faster than 3. It seems years of pain working with ugly slow ide will be ended soon.
Actually v.4 hangs for 10-30 seconds sometimes too, but actually not so often as in v.3.

But in v.3 there were some things that was better then in v. 4.

1. For example, in v. 4 you made "scroll from source" icon very smal, much smaller than it was before.
But this icon used very often. (I hope you can see it by usage stats)
Could you please make it same size as it was before?

2. In v. 4, if you start search in project, you cannot start another search.
You even cannot press Ctrl+Shift+F - RubyMine just do not respond.
So you begin to think that search is broken.
And only after 10 mins of exploration you see that there is another search
in progress.

Could you please make it possible to do several searches simultaneously,
or at least ask the user if he want to stop current search? (or just tell that he cannot search 2 things at a time).

Sincerely yours,

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