replace all via keybindings


Is there any way to replace-all within a file without using the mouse?  or do replace-all within a macro?

I can get command-R to pull up the replace dialog at the top of the page, enter text-to-find, tab, enter text-to-replace-with, and I can replace the instances one at a time by hitting Enter over and over (and over and over)  but I don't see any way to just replace-all at once without grabbing the mouse.  This also seems to prevent doing a replace-all-within-file as part of a macro.  Recording a macro with a ton of 'Enter' presses didn't give good results.  I also tried replace-all in path, but it requires a directory and doesn't let you do a single file.  

This seems pretty basic.. please tell me I'm missing something.



I just figured it out:  after filling out the replace form, hit option-a.  
option enables keybindings on several of the actions in the form (you can see little tiny underlines under the letter to press)  took me a while to find that tho.


hmm..  well I figured out the keybinding, but it still works like crap in a macro recording.
Any clean way to tell a macro how to do a replace-all within a file?
any recommended way to do this?


Yikes, this is from 2012 and still no answer? I need to solve the same issue and it's still there!!!


You can set a scope to a current file (it's possible to navigate to it via shortcut). Is it acceptable for you?


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