Cucumber: Can no longer jump to generated step definitions after moving from 3.2 -> 3.2.4

My Problem
Steps that I have wrriten that use regex's with evaluation in them can no longer be jumped to from a feature file.

When writing my scenarios I am using the concept of personas. That is, I have a fictious character to embody each catagory of user that use my system. My scenarios use these personas to setup data and drive assertions.

What I used to do:

Given Leon does something

Given /^(Leon|Fred) does something$/ do |name|
    persona = Persona['name']

The following example was a test would fail if I used an unsupported persona name. The problem with it was that as I added more personas I had go through all my steps and update the regexs. Also I had the same line at the start of every step definitions, i.e. the line to find the persona using the name passed in to the step.

What I do now.

Persona.each do |persona|
    Given /#{persona} does something$/ do

I now loop through my personas generating a unique step for each name. This allows me to manage my personas and not have to update my steps. Also thanks to blocks, and Ruby being awesome, I have access to the persona object and don't have to look it up all the time before calling a method on it. This small change has made a big difference to my productivity and also means that when autocompleting steps in the feature file I don't a regex that is truncated during a long list of names...

In version 3.2 of the ruby plugin, it used to allow me to jump from a feature file to a step declared in my new style. Version 3.2.4 seems to be a lot stricter and no longer allows me to jump from a feature file to steps written using regex's evaluated at runtime...

I don't know if this change was intentional but in doing so it has removed a really useful feature of 3.2's approach of linking steps to their definition.

Thanks for your help,

P.S. Sorry for the repeat postings... I don't know what happened there. I've tried to delete them but they don't seem to be disappearing



Any news on this? I am rolling back to version 3.2 of the Ruby plugin which fixes me for now...


I'm getting the samething. Pretty annoying!


Hello, Leon.

I've created an issue. And I have just found out the problem, we will fix it soon.

Best regards
Andrey Vokin


Thanks Andrey! will be really good to see this one fixed :)


Thanks for fixing this issue. I can confirm that I am using the newest version of the Ruby plugin with Idea 11 and I am not seeing the issue anymore.



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