RubyMine fails to update files when Windows links are used (even Synchronize doesn't work)

I don't know if this is a Java, Windows or RubyMine issue at heart, but it greatly effects my ability to use RubyMine.

I created several symbolic links, to separate directories on my Windows machine.

eg inside a folder called "links" I do something like this:
mklink /D "js" "src\Web.Site\js"
mklink /D "rake" "build\rake"

Then I open RubyMine and "Open Directory..." and open this folder called "links".
It works, and I can navigate and everything seems fine.

However, the files don't update when they are updated/rewritten/fetched from git
So I'm very often looking at an older version of the file that actually exists on disk.
Even "Synchronize files" *DOES NOT WORK*, the old file, which is no longer even on disk, remains in RubyMine - quite a problem!

If I try to edit the file - this finally prompts RubyMine to ask me to reload the file from disk

But as you can imagine, not being able to trust RubyMine like this (and not seeing latest files) is pretty much unworkable.

Is this enough information for someone to think about reproducing it. I'm on Windows7 - and it happens with v3 of RubyMine as well as the latest v4 EAP.

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