How to call ansicon.exe on windows when running cucumber tests

If you don't, you get:

*** WARNING: You must use ANSICON 1.31 or higher ( to get coloured output on Windows

So, is there a way to install a windows script in the default launch cucumber script so this always gets run before cucumber scripts run?


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RubyMine does ansi colors highlighting by itself, so there's no need to use ansicon actually. You can just specify environment variable ANSICON with any value in cucumber run configuration default settings and cucumber would provide colored output. We will add this environment variable in default configuration in future releases of RubyMine

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Thanks. Noticed later that Rubymine was handling the colors. So, is what you are proposing a switch so that you don't get the ANSICON warning in Rubymine? That message shows up in cucumber if you run it in a shell on Windows as well if you don't first run ansicon in the shell.


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Hi Denis,

Can you do the same for RSpec please?
1) ANSICON is turned on by default
2) rspec output is colored when "--color" execution argument is passed


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