RubyMine CoffeeScript Jumpstart please?

Hi ... new to Mac (Lion), to Unix, to RubyMine, but not to Ruby or programming in general.

I would appreciate a very simple example of the steps necessary to get a trivial CoffeeScript program to run under RubyMine. Ruby is working fine.

Assume that I do not know anything, and you'll be close to right. I have not done anything to install JS or CoffeeScript. But RubyMine does not seem to recognize a file named well enough to try to run it, though it is doing some generic syntax coloring.

Feel free to point me to the obvious web docs I should have found, to include instructions here, or anything. I believe I just need a kickstart to do the one or two things that should be "obvious".


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Hi Ron,

RubyMine 3.2.3 features only some initial support for CoffeeScript with syntax highlighting. As you may know, CoffeeScript is now used as javascript engine for Rails 3.1 via Sprockets. So currently, the only way to "run" coffescript file is to launch Rails application using it. We have some plans for supporting launching scripts via Node.js but that's not implemented at the moment

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OK, thanks ... I'll follow the TextMate path for now. I know you guys could do a great job with JS and CS if you care to, so I hope you will!



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