need fast unobtrusive search

When I search for usages (Alt + F7) or search across the whole project (Ctrl + Shift + F) a dialog box pops up with more options. This is extremely annoying. I think there should be a shortcut to do a search with the most general (broad) search preferences and another shortcut which allows you to specify search settings.

Another problem that I've been expriencing with project search (Ctrl + Shift + F) is that it changes the scope from 'Whole Project' to 'Directory' each time you bring it up again.

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I don't mind getting the full search window every time. I'm not sure why that should be obtrusive.

However, I agree that it's confusing that RM automatically scopes subsequent searches to a directory. This has caused me real problems more than once.  "No references found? Great, refactoring will be easy then. DUH!"

Timofeytt, if you post a bug report, please keep the two issues separate. I'll vote for the second one.


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