External Tools - Projectpath & SourcePath macros incorrect

I am trying to configure an external tool which must be passed the full path to the rails project. This seems like a job for the Projectpath macro, but this macro points to the /spec subdirectory in my project. SourcePath does the same thing?

Why? Is this a bug? How do I get the actual current projects path without the /spec/ directory.

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My external tool works if I pass:

but that seems silly. Wondering if something is wrong on my end or if this is a bug in RubyMine.

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Hi Derec,

Please use "ProjectFileDir" instead. Projectpath is collection of all source/test paths configured in project. This feature is provide by our platform but Rubymine use simplier project settings and configurations so some of this macros doesn't work as expected. I think we need to review available macroses and remove invalid ones. Could you sumbit a bug report at http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/ruby

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Thanks for the response. I have opened the following bug: External Tools Macros Need Cleanup 

Initially, the "ProjectFileDir" macro was not returning anything (at least as displayed in the preview) despite having a project open. I went in to Project Structure settings and fiddled with the folder that was marked as my "Test" folder and then all of a sudden "ProjectFileDir" was working, while the previous two macros I mentioned were blank.

Looks like Macros need some work!


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