Controller finds wrong model (Rubymine 3.2.2)

Hello Community

In a rails project, I have a model named 'Jobs' with associated tests, migrations scripts and a controller. The tests all pass I can create models through the Rails console and through the controller actions.  But when I am in the source code for the controller and try to browse to the definiation of the Job it will take me to the definition for 'Job' within benchmark.rb, which is in the ruby library.  

Have I missed a configuration setting somewhere or is this a bug within Rubymine?  The controller works as expected and creates the record in the database, it just finds the wrong model at design time.

RubyMine Version: 3.2.2 (build 107.446)
OS: Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Rob,

It looks like a bug, could you please create an issue at with detailed description of your environment and maybe sample project to reproduce?


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Certainly will Oleg, thanks for you reply.


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