Can I customise the gherkin/cucumber formatting options?

Is there a way to customise the way in which RubyMine formats Gherkin files when using Re-format code?  Specifically I'd like to change how Scenario tags are arranged.  Currently this:

@tag_1 @tag_2 @tag_3
Scenario: My Scenario

Gets formatted into something like:

@tag_1 @tag_2


Scenario: My Scenario

I'd much rather it kept the tags close to the Scenario, with no blank lines, and didn't try to break them on to separate lines until a sensible maximum is reached.

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Hello Jon,

Unfortunally RubyMine doesn't provide any special formatting option for Gherkin, the only ones available can be found at File | Settings | Code Style | General | Gherkin.
Feel free to submit a feature request at:



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