page_cache_directory with RubyMine?

I have this line of code in my config/environments/development.rb:

config.action_controller.page_cache_directory        = File.join(RAILS_ROOT,'public','cache')

Can anyone tell me how to use this Rails directive with RubyMine Debugger? When I leave it at the default setting, and have my debugger server running, cached pages (and actions) render from the cache. When I change this setting, it is as if the cache doesn't exist (for rendering).

I need to be able to customize the setting to avoid namespace conflicts, and also to be able to see all the files which are being cached. The default setting puts some files in /tmp, some in /profile, etc. = very hard to debug.

Rails documentation on this config directive indicates that in production, the server needs to be configured to pick up files from disk before invoking rails whenever the cache is not set to doc_root (Apache). How would I go about doing something like that with the 'server' which runs the RubyMine debug process?

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