Rake & Generators

Started new application with Rails 3.1 ... I have remaped keybindings for Rake tasks (Cmd + R) and Generators (Cmd + G) ... it's working ... then I use these key bindings, the dialog pops up ... however there are no items in it.

When I checked .generators and .rakeTasks ... they are both there with content that should be there.

I am using IDEA 10.5 with Ruby plugin 3.2.

Thanks for any help


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I wasn't able to get rake to work at all with IDEA (see Unable to run rake tasks from IDEA, reported for plugin v3.1 but still present with v3.2). Maybe someone from JetBrains can comment what's the take on this.


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Hello Dirk,

Have you tried reload rake tasks list (e.g. open Tools|Run Rake Task.. dialog and type "[R"). Is your project is Rails application? Probably the problem is related to rake 0.9.2 bugs, please attach your ~/Library/Logs/IntelliJIdea10/idea.log file.

Do you use bundler? If yes, please force it to use rake-0.8.7. Add to Gemfile:

gem 'rake', "0.8.7"

then Tools|Bundler|Update, type "rake" as cmd argument.


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