scss editor does not understand compass extensions or add_import_path

The only way I have ever been able to get the scss editor to recognize import'ed scss files is to use hardcoded (relative) file paths as the string passed to import. Referencing a Compass extension within the config.rb using - load "path_to_framework" - or referencing an external directory within the config.rb using - add_import_path "../path/to/directory" - are ignored by the scss editor.

I have attached a sample that demonstrates the problem.

For example, the following two statements in the config.rb have no effect on scss editor:

load "../my_framework"

add_import_path "../externalDirectory"

In the scss file project_one/sass/screen.scss you will see the following:

@import "shared";

    @include fg-color();
    @include externalMixin();

Both of the mixin's - fg-color and externalMixin - are recognized by the compass compiler ie the compass compiler produces a screen.css file with the style properties from the two mixin's. However, the scss editor has a problem saying "Cannot find mixin...".

Does this require a feature enhancement or was the scss editor suppose to cater for this already?

I have added a feature request in the issue tracker here:



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