Cucumber generator missing

I've followed the instructions in the docs on both my Windows and OSX machines but cannot get the Cucumber generator to show up in the list of rails generators.

-- cucumber 0.9.3 installed (uninstalled previous 0.1.0
-- creating fresh rails app (sqlite3)
-- attached cucumber gem
-- reload rake tasks
-- no sign of the cumber generator...

I'm coming from .Net (where I was a huge fan of ReSharper) but am learning as fast as possible.

Any thoughts?


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I am having the same problem, posted a issue to the issue tracker., I wish I knew what the version requirements are to just make it work.  The RubyMIne/Cucumber demo did not state what version of RubyMine, Ruby, and gems used.  It would helpful just to see it work, don't need to use the latest and greatest verision of RubyMine.

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Is your application uses Rails 3 ? If yes, than is 'cucumber' gem mentioned in Gemfile?


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