3.1 does not show my current gemset?

This is becoming a very early morning RM troubleshooting session. Sigh.

Before that, my environment is: Ubutu 10.04, Oracle JDK 1.6.0_22, rvm head (1.2.6), Ruby 1.9.2 and my own gemset.

My project opens fine on 3.0.1 - most importantly, it shows *all* the available gemsets to choose from. All rvm gemsets are shown. The RVM gemset is also shown as "default". See attached png.


Now, I open the same project with 3.1 and to my disbelief, all of that has changed.
- No gemsets to choose from. The drop down for available interpreters is almost empty. It does not even show me which gemset I am using.
- Just provides n/a against the gemset.

Am I missing something or is this something that changed and is not listed somewhere?
At the very least, it should show me the name of the gemset being used even when it the default.


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On startup or project open RubyMine scans your gemsets and registers it as Ruby SDKs in RubyMine settings. Seems something is broken in 3.1. I'm going to investigate the problem.


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