Newbie Rubymine Question: How Do I Create New File with RubyMine?

I am new to Ruby On Rails, RubyMine and Ubuntu and a lot of things that are intuitive in Windows are not easy to find in this new world.  How do you create a new file with RubyMIne?

I also created an html file through the ubuntu desktop gui but RubyMine cannot find it.  Within RubyMine I navigate to the directory and nothing is there.I know this is a ridiculously simple question but I have searched the internet and The Rubymine forums and come up with nothing.


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Strange question..

Look, usually you do this:

1) Go to File menu and choose "new project"
2) Navigate (choose) to folder where you want all the resources for the project to be and type project name RM will add a folder named as project. You can edit it or live as it is.
3) Choose project type (Empty project or Rails)
4) RM will run all generators (in case of Rails project it will create all folder structure, preinitialie dayabase.yml, etc)

5) Now go to "Project" pane to the left, right click, and choose from the menu what kind of file do you want. There is plenty of options: from plain file to your own template

Usually you do not need to create text files with any other tools. However whenever I need to do this (for exaple I have developed utility which generates HAML files from HTML automaticaly) -- you just need to know where is your project root.

If you're completelly new to Linux world, you must know that there are "permissions", so if project wasa created by one Linux user and then there is file created by another one there can be that first guy does not see files from other guy. But this is very theoretical. I do not believe that on your local Ubuntu you once you login as user1 then you login as user2 and you have set such a cruel permissions that user1 even may not see files from user2. Most likelly that you just do not know where your project is.

Well, lets stop this theretical stuff -- just explain in  details -- what do you do to create new project files?

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Sorry for the slow turnaround.   Not had much spare time recently.  Ususally I run rails new command from command prompt then open up ruby mines and navigate to the new app folder structure.  Using this method I can't create new files.  When I try to start a new rails prodject I get the following error "No Rails gem found"


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Hi Ray,

Could you please try the latest RubyMine 3.1 and check if you still cannot create new Rails application within RubyMine.
If you are on Mac OS and still cannot do this, please ensure that you have properly configured environment variables in RubyMine:



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