Textmate Keymap not working on Macbook Keyboard (German Layout)

Hey out there!
I just tried to switch to RubyMine from Textmate because of all the great features. Unfortunatelly i was slowed down immediately as the Textmate Keymap obviously doesn`t completely work with German Keyboard Layout on my Apple Macbooks. For example i couldn`t use the following shortcuts:

text indent: ⌘ ]          which is on german keyboard layout: ⌘ ⌥ 6          ; "⌥ 6" converts to "]" as there is no plain first key with "]"

in textmate all the keymaps take the german keyboard layout into account and interprets the resulting key combination as the hit goal.
has anyone translate all these keymappings to german keyboard layouts on mac? is there a ticket filed for this problem?
or even an option for the mac available to get this sorted?

thanks for any help! without proper keymapping an editor is quite useless!


Rubymine - Textmate Keymap has problems with german keyboard layout on mac.jpg
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It is known problem, unfortunately isn't fixed yet.

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I think... adaption to textmate is really important, thats another reason why people of my nearer circle wont change to RM,
because of this productivity issue... I myself,... I like the features more,... so I changed... but I am much less productive then on textmate, though.

Any plans to approach more to textmate's keymaps?

Thnx for more information!

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This Issue is since 2011 and we are in 2022. There ist still no solution to this problem. How can my german layout work with any JetBrains IDE?

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We have a corresponding request on our tracker that still needs investigation in order to provide the most appropriate solution. Could you please add your vote there: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-165950


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