Cmd-W closes editor windows, not Changes/VCS diff window

In the latest EAP's, it seems that key binding or something has changed.  If I select a file in the Changes window, and get the diffs, so that it opens the diffs window, pressing Cmd-W (not sure if this happens on other platforms), winds up closing the last editor window behind it, not the actual diff window.  This was not the case in RubyMine 3.0.  I'm using the TextMate key bindings.

Are other people seeing this, is there a key-mapping change, or where is the key binding for this?



Thanks, I've reproduced it. We will look on the problem.


Any update on this? Still happening in 2016.3



could you please specify the steps you follow? I didn't manage to reproduce it by doing the following:

- go to Version Control/Local Changes panel, select a file, Show Diff for it

- invoke Cmd-W

In my case it closed Show Diff window, not the tab in the Editor.


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