RubyMine "No Tests were found" Ruby 1.9 Rails 2.3.2

I have read the discussions on the forum with regard to the error where RubyMine reports that  "No Tests Were Found" .

I am running ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 2.3.2.   I know that may not be the best setup but its what we have now.

I also do not have a gemfile so I have read that some of the ruby 1.9.2 solutions suggest putting the test-unit into my gemfile.  So I can not do that.

What do i need to do to get rubymine to show my tests in my enviornment?


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The error means that our GUI part didn't receive any test started/failed events from our custom Test::Unit tests reporter. It is because Test::Unit framework was extracted from Ruby 1.9.X to test-unit gem. And instead some mock minimal implementation was leaved in ruby 1.9 sources. That minimal implementation doesn't support custom test results reporter and outputs results using its console reporter. So you need instal test-unit gem, "attach" it in RubyMine project settings and activate it in rails application - e.g. in config/environment.rb file (Rails 2.x) in Gemfile (rails 3.x).

Also see


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