RSpec - Won't Run

I've seen this error condition described in a few posts, but all of the solutions appear (I think) to relate to older versions of RubyMine.  Certainly, I could find where to do what they were saying (ie. "Update Generators").

I am using this build:

Screen shot 2011-01-18 at 9.09.13 AM.png

I have a freshly generated rails project, with the following gems installed/attached:

Screen shot 2011-01-18 at 9.10.38 AM.png
So I think I have all the required RSpec bits pulled in.  Certainly this gem-file is working for me on other RubyMind rails projects I'm working on (on the same machine).

So the error is when I right click the spec folder, and choose to Run the specs the following error is reported in the IDE:

Error running All specs in: spec:
RSpec './script/spec' script not        found. Please install RSpec rails plugin or RSpec Gem, reload generators        and run 'New|rspec:install' generator from RubyMine to setup RSpec        support

What to do?  I've installed RSpec.  The rest of the instructions don't make sense.  How do I reload the generators.  Within my list of generators, there is no "rspec:install" option.

Thanks for any help you can provide.  It's weird because this works fine on the same machine in different projects, so I'd like to know what I've done wrong.  Cheers

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Duh.  My bad.

rails g rspec:install

From the command line does the trick.

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Easier was to launch generator using RubyMine - "RubyMine | Tools | Run Rake Task..."

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Nice - thanks Roman


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