Pause Program not enabled

Hi all,

First, some brief disclosure. I'm somewhat familiar with Ruby, very new at Rails and am about halfway through my 30 days with RubyMine. So feel free to use small words and speak slowly.

I was on RubyMine 3.0.0 and just installed 3.0.1.

When in Debug mode, I've yet to see 'Pause Program" enabled. I've tried three different Rails apps and none of them run in Debug mode with the "Pause Program" enabled.

This suggests configuration/environment to me but I'm not really sure what to look at. In all cases I was running in Production mode. Other than that, Debug seems to work (breakpoints, et al).

Any tips or pointers? I'd very much appreciate it.

Thanks much

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Hello Tris,

"Pause" feature isn't supported by RubyMine debugger. I filed a feature request, please track it -


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