How to make bold fonts in RubyMine look less ugly on Ubuntu?

I'm having issues with fonts in RubyMine. Doesn't matter which font I select, they all have the same problem.

I've tried to turn on antialiasing with awt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on which doesn't really change anything.

Also normal style font looks little skinny compared to other applications.

One screenshot is with awt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on in bin/, second one without it and third one is from RedCar editor. All three are with same font (Monospaced) on Ubuntu 10.04 x64. Basically anywhere else except for RubyMine it looks same as in RedCar.

I also tried switching Look and Feel from GTK+ to Alloy, but it didn't help.

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Hello Jakub,

Actually the Monospace font used in RubyMine has nothing to do with the system's one. It is a well known issue of Java VM on Linuxes, that cannot be fixed on our side.
Please have a look at the following discussion:



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