Incorrect error message: some of the required gems are not attached

I'm using bundler and the Gemfile looks like this:

gem "rails"
gem "prawn"
gem "activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter"
gem "input_form", :path => "/Users/roger/Documents/RubyGems/InputForm"
gem "background_thread", :path => "/Users/roger/Documents/RubyGems/BackgroundThread"
gem "look_and_feel", :path => "/Users/roger/Documents/RubyGems/LookAndFeel"
gem "prawn_report_helper", :path => "/Users/roger/Documents/RubyGems/PrawnReportHelper"

The problem ist that I get the following error message:

Some of the required gems are not attached: rails

If I look at the RubySDK dialog I see that Rails is recognized and that the Gem root is ok.

If I click on 'Attach Gems' I'm only able to attach the gems that have the path attribute in the Gemfile.

Besides the error message code completion does not work for anything that is related to Rails...

BTW: I'm using the latest RubyMine 3.0 Release.

Any ideas how to make this work ?

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I'm still wondering how this should work. I still get the message that some gems are not attached.  But the rails gem is installed. I can even select the required version, but the error message will not go away and code completion doesn't work. For example:

preisliste = Vkprlist.find_by_name name

Alt-Mouseclick on Vkrplist will bring me tho the right source file but code completion will not show me any methods from ActiveRecord.


BTW: I'm using 3.0 RC 2

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Please file a bug to and attach to it output of Tools | Show gem environment, 'bundle show rails' from command line and your idea.log (


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