RUBY-6867 is a flow killer

Guys, I can't believe I'm the only Rubymine users who keeps swearing at RL each time it does this :

It happens systematically when the Project Window is hidden.
Please vote if you share my frustration.

A little more context :
- I hide the project window  --> !!!! THAT'S WHAT TRIGGERS THE PROBLEM !!!
- I use 2 or 3 columns most of the time

The problem : when I call "Select-In Project", RM doesn't select the current file in the project window, but another (older) file, sometimes one that even no longer visible.

I then need to close this *€@# window, and go back to where I was before the *€@#, and retry again
It works the 2nd time because this *€@# failed action opened the Project Window, and that makes RM happy.

Please vote

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