please be more explicit about attaching vs activating

The difference between your documentation and mature documentation is the presumption you make about what people should already know.

The rule to follow is to write small sections about each aspect of the functionality, but within those small sections be precise and explicit about everything that is referenced in the section.

That is, a person should be able to grasp the precise definition of each term and also find within the section a satisfactory connection for each term that might possibly be a reference to another term.

In general, this would mean about 70% more verbiage in your detailed documentation areas.

But in my case, I believe you are making an implicit synonym of the word 'activated' when describing gems that are 'attached'.

In addition, it is difficult to determine if a gem is 'attached' by looking for clues in the Ruby SDK and Gems dialog.

Although it is possible to see a list of gems in the 'attach gems' dialog, when you select a gem or group of gems and select 'attach', there is no explicit confirmation that any specific gems have thereby become 'attached' to the project.

There could be a column in the Ruby and SDK Gems dialog grid that would identify which gems were attached to the current project.

In any case, the only thing I can presume almost for sure is that when I see a gem listed in the project under the 'libraries' node, I'm guessing it is 'attached'.

However, since you don't explicitly define 'activated' and you seem to use 'activated' as a synonym for 'attached', I am unable to determine if MY PROBLEM with not seeing Cucumber and Rspec generators is because I have not followed your instructions to install, attach, AND ACTIVATE, the cucumber, rspec and rspec-rails gems.

So would you please compose a sentence or two that either uses activated in its different meaning from attached or specifically state that activated means attached and also tell me how I can absolutely verify that my gems are considered activated and attached for the purposes of satisfying the requirements of 'activating' the proper rake tasks and loading the proper generators so that I can see the list of generators which are, at this time, NOT SHOWING in my menus?

I am using RM 2.02, 95.202, with Ruby 1.9.2 and the most current versions of the gems.



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Hello Kimball,

Thanks, we will ask our documentation writer to clarify this moment in documentation.

  • Attached gems

This term relates only to RubyMine features and doesn't affect rubygems. "Attached gem" mean that gem is attached to RubyMine code insight engine. E.g RubyMine enables related frameworks support (e.g. cucumber/rspec tests framework features), provided find usages, completion, resolve for declarations provided by the gem. In general "attached gems" doesn't affect runtime behaviour, only rubymine code insight features. RubyMine | File | Settings | Ruby SDK and Gems tab shows list of "attached" gems. In Rails/Bundler applications RubyMine automatically updates "attached" gems after you've changed config/environment.rb or Gemfile.

  • Activated gems

I assume you are talking about errors reported by rubygems library. Rubygems considered activated gems as gems, which were loaded by application on runtime. There are several ways how to do it, e.g. use "gem" command or "config.gem" in config/environment.rb (rails 2.x applications), or in Gemfile if you use bundler. You need activate gems manually in your src code, RubyMine doesn't activates gem for you on runtime. If you run tests/application/rake task using console you'll see the same error.

Probably "Attached gem" settings is them most confusing setting in RubyMine for Ruby people, thus we are going to use Gemfile for enabling code insight features. We planned it for 3.5/4.0. RubyMine 3.0 and 3.1 will be released with "attached gems" setting.


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