Eater of parentheses (and white space)

Hey guys,

I'm running into a few bugs with the new new RC of RubyMine.  I couldn't find references to them in discussions or the bug tracker.

Rubymine constantly eats the closing parentheses that I type.  For example if I have code that looks like this (notice the unbalanced parens):  

Factory(:collaborator, :user => Factory(:user)

I postion my cursor directly after the last "user" and type ")", it simply moves the cursor after the closing paren instead of actually inserting another one.  It just eats the closing paren.

Am I missing an option to turn this off?

Same thing happens for white space on a blank line.  If I indent a couple spaces on a blank line and wait 5 seconds, rubymine helpfully unindents the line for me and destroys the white space I just created.

Finally, please fix the move-line-of-code-up-or-down bug.  That feature was so useful in earlier versions of intelliJ.  Now it simply destroys all formatting.  Plus it's slow as balls.

All of these "helpful" features should come with options for disabling them.



Thanks a lot for reporting this, could you please file the corresponding issues in RubyMine's bugtracker at:
In this case you'll get notified once it's fixed.

Best regards,


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