Tooltips need to go away on mouse move

I belive I mentioned this tooltip issue once before, but I think it is worthy of bringing up again.

I am currently porting some code porting some code from ActionScript to ruby and thus I am getting lots of hints that is making the tooltips more painful.  Here is my scenario.

I have code that has hints in it, i.e. a variable, myView is  highlighted (indicating a hint), and as soon as the mouse touches the highlight area a tooltip pops up telling me the name should be lowercase.  The problem is the tooltip is covering the line below the one with the hint, and that was actually the line I was moving my mouse towards. So what happens is I end up with my mouse over the tooltip and I cannot get to the code.  So we are clear my code looks like this.

myVar = something
myOtherVar = something_else

I am moving my mouse from the top of the screen in an attempt to click on myOtherVar, and as I pass over myVar, a tooltip pops up covering myOtherVar.  I then have to move my mouse way out of the way and sneak up on myOtherVar.  Two things I would like see here:
1.  I should have to hover over the item for some period of time (.5-1.0 seconds) to get the tip to show up.
2.  Moving the mouse more than a couple of pixels should make the tip disappear.  I would say moving the mouse at all should make it go away, but then an accidental move would kill it, so I would say if the mouse moves more than 5-10 pixels from the point that initiated the tip, it should go away.

Regards, Guy

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