Context VCS menu seems inconsistent in EAP 96.1146

Hi Folks

When editing a file, the context "VCS Operations" menu (Version Control / VCS Operations Popup) seems to behave differently for Commit and Revert.

Commit - all modified files are selected in the "Commit Changes" dialogue.

Revert - only the currently edited file is selected in the "Revert Changes" dialogue.

I think that Commit should work like Revert (only select the currently edited file).

Is the difference intentional ?

Regards, Tony


Hello Tony,

Indeed this menu has items: Commit Changes, Commit File and Revert. As far as reverting single file is far more often operation, than reverting all the changes you've already done, Revert is intented to revert the single file. In case when you want to revert all the changes please Open Changes Tool Window. Select desired files or even change lists,  right click on it and select Revert.

Best regards,


Hi Oleg

I am embarassed to admit that I did not look closely at the menu options.

Thanks for the response and sorry for wasting your time.

Regards, Tony


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