RubyMine Protocol Handler?

Does RubyMine register a protocol handler?  Something like this: rubymine://file

I'm asking because I'm trying to install rails-footnotes, and part of the configuration says this:

If you are not using Textmate as text editor, in your environment.rb or
in an initializer do:

  if defined?(Footnotes)
    Footnotes::Filter.prefix = 'txmt://open?url=file://%s&line=%d&column=%d'

Where you are going to choose a prefix compatible with your text editor. The %s is
replaced by the name of the file, the first %d is replaced by the line number and
the second %d is replaced by the column.

IMHO, it would be more useful for RubyMine to work with the txmt protocol, rather than invent a new protocol.

Why?  Because many apps already produce 'txmt' links, but no apps produce 'rubymine' links.

For example, FireSass, which was recently announced, has an 'open in textmate' feature.

Seamless integration between FireSass and RubyMine would be fantastic.

Having a built-in (txmt) protocol handler would be really useful !!


Hi guys,

RubyMine doesn't register any protocol handlers yet,  feel free to submit a feature request at
Don't forget to vote for it :-)



Here is a link to an issue which has something common with txmt. I hope is this the right issue to vote for.


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