RubyMine 2.0.2 http proxy doesn't provide listing/installing of gems

I can be on the vpn have the http_proxy set and I can install plugins. They download, the app restarts, they work.
But for gems. I cannot list or install them. I can't even get a list of them by clicking "install gems" under the settings.
I turn the proxy off. disconnect from my vpn and all works just fine. I can see the list of gems. It can download them just fine.
The http call its making is
I tried hitting that with .xml but doesn't work. It does come back with a 200 but no good data.
Just a large integer number response: {"total":47914145} ... I saw this in wireshark.

I can't install gems either.. have to disconnect from vpn. Turn off proxy and install gems.

this is happening on winxp sp3... garbage work laptop.. :(

I opened a bug here:
which might not be correct. since i'm new around here. let me know.

nothing shows up in the \.RubyMine20\system\log\idea.log probably because the http call returns a 200..

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