Problems with Git and private project

Hello Everyone,
I just started using rubymine with git and I am having some problems getting it set up.  I tried to follow as much of the discussion on this board as I could find, but I don't know how to fix my problem.  The project I am working with is one that is closed to only a few people in my company (I am the only one using RubyMine).  I cloned the project using the command line and after typing in my password it imported everything over correctly.  Next I opened the project with rubymine and added some text to the standard README file to see if I could successfully push the changes.  When I try and run fetch through rubymine I get a popup window that shows the git command for fetch and the progress bar, but it never stops... I have to force quit the app because there is no way to close the popup.  It looks like there is a password prompt underneath the progress bar, but I can't type in it:

Screen shot 2010-08-19 at 10.38.20 AM.png

I found some help pages for Git Integration that say that I can "apply the username/password and keyboard interactive authentication methods"... but I can't find anywhere how to do that.

I am on OS 10.6.4 and running RubyMine 2.0.2
I know that git is recognized by RubyMine because the test button said the git version was 1.7.1

Am I doing something wrong?  Thanks for any help in advance!

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Here is what is in my git config file:

Ryan$ git config -l Ferretti

does this make sense?

- Ryan

(the remote origin url format get messed up when I submit the question... it is just the the https url from the project's main page)


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